Free Lawyers For Low Income Families


Free Lawyers For Low Income Families

If you or your family members need the services of a free lawyer, you have a number of options. Some free legal aid programs offer services to low income farmers and disabled people. Others focus on victims of domestic violence and natural disasters. Some free law firms also provide assistance to individuals with housing issues. The majority of those who seek legal help from an attorney are women. In fact, three out of four clients who seek assistance from free law firms are women. Moreover, many single mothers seek assistance from these organizations. Free law firms do not discriminate by gender, which makes them more accessible to low-income families.

Her Justice

Her Justice, an organization that provides free lawyers to low-income families in New York City, is dedicated to helping people in need. They train volunteer attorneys who provide free legal services to low-income families. Their work ranges from helping battered women obtain court orders for protection against abusive partners to helping mothers get court orders for child support and legal custody.

Her Justice is a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low-income families and women in New York City. Services may include legal information, referrals, brief services, or attorney representation. Another non-profit organization, Kayama, provides free services to Jewish people seeking a “get,” a Jewish religious divorce. Kayama’s services are available in New York City and many other states.

MFY Legal Services Inc.

MFY Legal Services Inc. is an organization that provides essential legal services to the poor and unrepresented in New York City. The organization has won numerous class actions and test cases. Currently, the organization employs 32 attorneys and handles approximately 5,000 cases a year. The mission of MFY is to ensure that no one is denied justice due to inability to afford an attorney.

MFY is one of the largest legal service organizations in the city. Its attorneys represent low-income people, many of whom are living below the poverty line and receiving public benefits. Many of these individuals are facing eviction or are living in substandard or dangerous conditions. Many clients are also being harassed by landlords.

MFY is a non-profit legal organization that prioritizes the needs of low-income individuals. It also engages in policy advocacy and conducts community education. As a member of the Board of Directors, Cravath partner Thomas E. Dunn has been actively involved in MFY.

MFY’s legal program has helped thousands of New Yorkers. One of their most important victories was a landmark case that involved people with mental disabilities living in large adult homes. In this case, MFY won a major court ruling against the state of New York for segregating its residents. In the end, the judge ruled that the State of New York must build a minimum of 1500 supported housing units in the next three years. However, the state is still appealing this decision.


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